Upcoming Competitions

Asia Open Memory Championship 2023

Face-to-face event using the GAMA Online Platform
Metro Manila, Philippines
October 28-29, 2023 | Saturday & Sunday

* Organized by The Brain Republic, this competition is sanctioned by the Philippine Mind Sports Association, Global Alliance of Memory Athletics, and Asia Memory Sports Alliance.

Did you miss the Face-to-face Memory Championships? Here's one of our much-awaited Memory Sports event this year!

* Theme: Memory Masters Showdown: International Battle of the Brightest Minds!

This theme focuses on the extraordinary mental capabilities and prowess of Memory Athletes from across Asia and neighboring countries. It highlights the participants as "Memory Masters," symbolizing their exceptional memory skills and the immense power of their minds.

The theme also highlights the importance of Memory Sports as a platform for participants to showcase their mental abilities, fostering healthy competition, camaraderie, and the exchange of knowledge among participants from different nations.

*This is the first time the Philippines will be hosting the Asia Open Event.

*To the New and Seasoned Players who have not yet reached the Grandmaster of Memory Title, this is your chance to achieve the prestigious title!

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