Philippine Open Memory Championship 2018

Philippines - 2018-06-30

Philippine Open Memory Championship 2018

Date: June 30 to July 1, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City

*For Foreign Competitors, the Airport to book is MANILA

This will be a 2-day event following the National Standard Competition format.

The 10 Events / Memory Disciplines that players will be competing against each other are as follows:
1. 5 Minute Names and Faces
2. 5 Minute Random Words
3. 5 Minute Binary Numbers
4. 5 Minute Historic Dates
5. 5 Minute Speed Numbers (two trials)
6. 10 Minute Playing Cards
7. 5 Minute Random Images
8. 15 Minute Marathon Numbers
9. Spoken Numbers (two trials, 100 & 400)
10. 5 MinuteSpeed Cards (two trials)

*A FRIENDLY RUBIK'S CUBE COMPETITION will also follow after the 10 events (Medals will be given to the Overall Top 3 Foreign and Top 3 National Competitors)

FOR THE 10 MEMORY SPORTS EVENT: Medals and Certificates await the Top 3 in each event for the Kids, Juniors and Adults Open Division, plus trophies for the Overall Division Champions. Seniors are also welcome to join. Special certificates will be given to those who will give an exceptional performance in the Senior Division plus a Trophy for the overall senior champ in case the number of Senior Participants reached 5.

Registration form:
Chinese athletes registration form: Here