Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2014

HK - 2014-09-13

Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2014

Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2014 attracted 56 competitors from 9 countries including Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, Philippines, to compete with the local athletes. The competition was held at ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was co-organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and Seeding's Culture.

The overall champion and the second runner-up in the open division were Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag and Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar from Mongolia respectively. The first runner-up was Erwin G. Baline from the Philippines, who also won the Sportsmanship award for his honesty and righteousness. The champion in the local division was Chan Chi Wa. The first and second winners in the local junior division were Ma Jin Yau and Samuel Wong. They had received sponsorships from the Education Development Foundation Association to attend the WMSC World Memory Championship 2014 in London, UK as members of the Hong Kong Team.

The complete result of the competition can be found here.

"We hope to provide a platform for the memory enthusiasts to challenge themselves."