Tuvshintugs Nyamdorj

Tuvshintugs Nyamdorj
International Grandmaster (Dan 3) & Grandmaster (Dan 2)

One of the strongest memory athletes in the Mongolia.

Tuvshintugs began to compete in 2015. He received his "Grandmaster of Memory" title in the 2015.

Since then, he has actively participated in different memory competition around the world.

Best Score

Speed Cards40.02 sec

Random Cards (60 minutes)13.56 deck(s)

Random Numbers (60 minutes)1272 digits

Random Words148 words

Best Total4062 points

Country: Mongolia

Gender: Male

Category: Adult

Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2014

World Memory Championships 2014

Mongolian Memory Championship 2014

Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2015

World Memory Championships 2015

Mongolian Memory Championship 2015

Mongolian Memory Championship 2016