Foluxs Ma


Foluxs Ma Director

Mr Foluxs handles the administrative affairs of the council. He coordinates the work of various countries in the council including helping them to plan and to prepare different forms of memory competitions.

In 2005, Mr Ma became a member of the education team of Dr. Yip Ruichoi (葉瑞財博士) and Dr. Fung Yingkay (馮應奇博士). Mr Ma focused on the curriculum design, teaching material editing, educational management, promotion, etc.

In 2007, he joined the book “Super Brain (超強記憶)”, written by Dr. Yip Ruichoi for the first time in Asia, and once ranked the first in bestseller.

During that period, he also assisted Dr. Yip in sending the memory students to the World Memory Championships. The first two Grandmasters of memory in China: Zhang Jie and Wang Maohua; the seven Grandmasters of memory in Hong Kong, including Andy Fong and Duncan Ma, are all learned from Dr Yip. The memory course is a pioneer in promoting the Asian memory sports.